Travel with David Ducoin


When I was in India I met a beautiful couple - David and Mia. They impressed me with their extraordinary outlook on life. We became good friends.

Travelling, photographer and documentary filmmaker David Ducoin has travelled the world since his youngest age. For 15 years he worked mostly in Asia, the Himalayas and South America. Now he is a travel agent for the "Tamera" agency in Lyon. 

"I have been travelling since the moment of my birth with my parents everywhere in a camping car. It was in France. 

In 1989 when I was 16 years old we went for the first time to India to the Himalayas. After this we wrote our first book and made our first documentary film. Then I started to travel alone. One of my trips lasted for 18 months from France overland to India then back to France through China, Tibet, Mongolia and Trans-Siberian road. In 1994 I came back to India and for one month I was put to prison and then released on bail. It was a new challenge and this story made my mind open. Then I spent two years with the Nativ Americans from the North of Alaska to the South of Chili. During this time I wrote many books and made films for French tv.

Now I'm a product manager for all the Himalayas - India, Nepal, Tibet and all America. I make some trips and send people to my partners which are all around the world from Latin America to the Himalayas.

For me the relationship with people is more important than other values. I want to have friends everywhere. I don't  care about comfort. The real comfort and luxury are people and the quality of life. If you live in Nepal or France with really nothing and you have a nice garden this is the best, because in a cemetery you don't need money and wealth.

My life philosophy is to be happy and discover the world."


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