You have the opportunity to mold your own tea-cakes at a special price with applying a pressed image of your choice, brand name or anniversary event signature on the surface of the real Shaolin tea-cake. This pressed elite tea (Cliff Oolong) is close to the black (red) tea.
The production capacity is limited. To receive your quantity in time, we recommend you to place your order and agree on all the details in advance. The manufacturing time is 2 weeks. The delivery time is 30-40 calendar days. 
The world-famous Shaolin Temple is part of the founding company of the manufacturer.

We propose you a real, cultivated in China, luxurious ceremonial tea for a special occasion or a special tea mood. People in China buy such a tea for the birth of a child, the jubilee, etc. You do not drink it at once but keep mature as wine. With years this tea becomes more delicious, soft and expensive. A long-matured tea-cake reaches a price of several thousand dollars. It is grown without the use of any chemicals and pressed under 200 tons weight. This tea is given to presidents and kings who are visiting China. Da Hong Pao's action is powerful: it invigorates, refreshes the mind, removes fussiness, increases concentration and patience, warms the stomach, regulates the intestines. Date of tea production is stamped on each tea-cake.

People say about the matured Da Hong Pao:

In 3 years – a medicine;

In 10 years – a wonderful elixir;

In 20 years – a treasure.


Tea in a pressed tea-cake with a textured image
Age – 1 year

Diameter - 19,5 cm
Weight – 400 g

Contents of delivery:
- gift bag;
- wooden box with "golden silk" inside finish;
- stand for a tea-cake;



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