Ментор Юлия Шереметева

We live in a unique time when we can become the Alpha and Omega of our world, create our reality according to our desires and live our lives in prosperity and self-satisfaction. Allow yourself to become the living realisation of your aspirations. What do you need for this? To discover and know yourself, to become the master of your life. You need to start asking yourself the crucial questions: Who am I? What is my unique value? What does it mean to love myself, to cherish and feel the present moment? To accomplish this, you should learn how to generate love and accumulate your internal energy, to synchronize three centers of the life force: body, soul and consciousness. When consciously mastered and unified these centers effectuate personal awakening in the role of the creator of one's desirable reality. You should learn how to focus your attention, enlighten your limited beliefs, thoughts, fears, and subconscious attitudes, and how to reprogram your bodily firmware with the handy aid of your own attention. You shall understand such simple things, that we create our reality with our own consciousness and attention. Our lived reality is the result and reflection of our own beliefs and thoughts. If we learn how to change these settings, we will be able to change any aspect of this reality, to recharge our interest and life energy, to see alternative and fascinating ways of living this life, and to become a magnet for the favourable circumstances.


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