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Yulia Seremeteva

 A path to the rise of your potency.



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About Me

I was born in Russia in an artistic family and my long Odyssey of self-discovery was the reason to come in India for seven years. I spent time there meeting great masters and other interesting people who inspired me to study the science of yoga and meditation in Raja Yoga tradition. During seven years I was trying to provide the answers "What I am and looking for who am I". And I discovered that the yoga grants a unique degree of self-expression freedom. The development of your creative potential, freedom of choice and holistic understanding of self and the world. Yoga is the science of concentrating attention. There are other traditions that speak about the magic of attention. Some years later I went to China in Shaolin areas, where I found the family school of Kung Fu tradition. To my own surprise I saw that yoga and kung fu have the same background and philosophy. Kung Fu appeared to be the hardest system of the spiritual development: a complex of the education,an expertise of the self-regulation and meditation, control of your inner energy, healing and the cleansing of the consciousness. True Kung Fu of Shaolin is a Zen philosophy which says that Zen is right here in our simple life.

The Method

The core of Yoga Skill is to move towards wholeness of self, using daily various technics like Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong accumulating energy and intentionally ruling the will. Rebooting all levels, allow your mind to roam free, to create your art of life. True criterion of our spiritual growth and true meditation is the change of our reaction to events and people around. Yoga Skill is the experience of inner freedom which opens new horizons of self-realization.

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